March 15 horoscope gemini

There does seem to be a real chance that the emotional strain of the current times will have an adverse effect on your health. Why not take some time off to pamper yourself! Your lunar alignments remind you of the importance of professional activities and ambitions.

Gemini horoscope An Exciting Year In All Endeavors

In some strange manner, work may be a way for you to provide yourself with emotional security, or a real feeling that you have a genuine role in the world. It may be more useful to you to stick around for a while and see what can be worked out.

Mercury is still exerting a powerful pull over your sign, and will do so for another eight weeks. Although the celestial challenge from Mars to the Sun is placing you under personal pressure, others are barking up the wrong tree if they imagine they can out-manoeuvre you. A family or domestic matter may be settling down, but professional Scorpios are not out of the woods just yet. Personally and emotionally, things are likely to remain uncertain, partly because others are vacillating and unwilling to make a decent commitment.

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Even those who do make arrangements are liable to break them! If you use finances as a bait, you could be taking a big risk. Well, such is life, so don't go about taking it to heart and getting all upset.

Gemini Weekly Astrology 15th March

Take time off all by yourself and introspect today, says Ganesha. Office cubicle looks set to be a war front and pay due attention there, lest things turn to be more difficult, advises Ganesha. New love may just blossom today, and you may even enjoy a nice quiet evening with friends.

Being in charge was never easy, but it's not for nothing that leaders are made of sterner stuff. As a person in charge, you are expected to give directions in a manner that gets the best efforts out of your juniors.


Move away from traditional dictatorial style, and build a consensus that enables you to pull off the spectacular, says Ganesha. You shall be completely immersed in your routine today. It's the same old humbug of a day for you, says Ganesha. But this exhausting day may transform into an exciting evening — so be prepared to get surprised.

Take it as a piece of advice: tough times don't last; tough people do. The day has a lot of ups and downs in store for you. However, you are the sailor of stormy seas and would sail through all the troubles easily. Take the advice given by your near and dear ones, says Ganesha. Work will suck you dry of your energy today, says Ganesha. Business rivals will go out of their way to mar your reputation and project you as incompetent.

Daily Horoscope

But to their dismay, you will prove to be way too smart to let them succeed in their sinister motives. In fact, you will hit where it hurts most and show your foes that you have all it takes to be a winner. Your superiority will reign over theirs. You get a pat on the back due to your brilliant academic standing.

People will admire your business acumen and may imitate your choices. But this doesn't mean you become haughty and unapproachable. Carry on the good work with a humble attitude, says Ganesha. Conflicts galore will come your way at the workplace today. Keep a calm head over your shoulders and do keep tabs on your tongue.

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Differences only crop up if there are substantial thought processes involved, and keeping this in mind ought to give you the perspective needed to get ahead, says Ganesha. Follow us on :. Each new day also brings along a lot of opportunities and some challenges.