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Both attained gold status. In October , David played four sold-out concerts at the Sydney Opera House , an unprecedented occurrence. A challenging world tour followed the next year, with packed recitals and performances throughout the US and the UK, concluding with David's return to the Royal Albert Hall in London, were he played the Rachmaninov Third Piano Concerto to a capacity crowd and received a thunderous standing ovation.

Over the next five years, David kept up his world touring, through Asia, Africa, Japan, New Zealand and Europe, while also maintaining a busy Australian schedule. However, the highlight release for this year was In Viva , a disc containing two movements of the Mozart Piano Concerto No. In , David was invited to represent Australia at the Beijing Music Festival and in Guangzhou, while saw a triumphant tour of Europe - particularly of Austria, where he completely won the hearts of the Viennese.

At home with David Helfgott

His whole family was in attendance. David conquered Europe yet again in and Then it was on to sell-out performances of the concerto in Vienna and Zurich, plus many recitals in Spain, Norway and Denmark. But his recital in Sydney in November at the City Recital Hall gained the greatest accolades heard in the Hall in recent memory. The year opened with David receiving a huge honour when a 2.

In June, David performed in Israel for the first time in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as part of the Australian-Israel Cultural Exchange, and then toured Turkey and Europe, with a very successful recital in Vienna receiving one of the greatest ovations of David's career.

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Denmark, Switzerland and Austria, followed by a performance at a conference in Kansas City, a trip to beautiful New Zealand and finally a return home in December. The next day, 19 May, he performed in the Hofburg Palace at President Clinton's fund-raising dinner, which happened to be David's 65th birthday. After the performance, David was embraced by President Clinton and the President of Austria, who then stood and sang with all the guests "Happy Birthday".

It was certainly a night to remember. This famous spa town is renowned for its association with Puccini and Verdi.

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David Helfgott - City Recital Hall Sydney - 19 May 2018

Second, that paddock just happened to be next door to the home of pianist David Helfgott at Bellingen, New South Wales. And third, most unusually, David and his wife, Gillian, happened to be home for five weeks between his relentless concert tours. Gillian Helfgott, set to publish a numerology book, The Insightful Turtle , says her meeting David was in the stars.

Credit: Penny Stephens.


Every morning the man with the runaway mind would stand quietly by the fence. At the end of the month, David was patting it and giving it carrots. The woman came to see me and said: 'Gillian, David is a horse whisperer, he has healed that animal. Gillian Helfgott, the woman with one of Australia's most unusual husbands, has just turned 80 but is fit and bright-eyed.

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She and David are due in Melbourne for his concert on Wednesday at the reopened Hamer Hall, the scene of earlier triumphs for this unlikely musical star.