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There can be 8 different combinations possible in Khala yogas. The person with Khala yoga will be fickle minded, there can be lot of fluctuations in any ventures, he will have to struggle a lot. This yoga is not completely negative. The yoga produces both good and bad results. As the 3rd house denotes hard work and self effort, if the native works hard towards goal, he tends to get rewarded.

If there is an aspect of benefic planet, it will produce excellent results. Nakshatra Parivartana. This is another kind of Parivartana in Vedic astrology. When a planet is placed in certain nakshatra or star or constellation , the planet will get influenced by the nakshatra and the lord. When two planets exchange their lordship of the nakshatras, Nakshatra parivartan occurs.

For example, Sun is placed in Gemini sign in Punarvasu Nakshatra. Jupiter is the lord for Punarvasu nakshatra. Here there is no connection between Sun and Jupiter in other ways. Both the planets will have positive impact on the native. It is said that Nakshatras represents our subconscious mind and will reveal our fruits of past karma as well.

Most important house in Astrology you need to know

The effects will be more visible on subconscious level. Since dasa is calculated based on nakshatra position of the Moon, the effects will be more visible during dasa and antardasa periods of respective planets. The result will depend on the characteristics of the Nakshatra as well. Labels Parivartna Yoga Yoga.

Labels: Parivartna Yoga Yoga. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Jupiter Transit December 26, Hi You have to look at the overall horoscope to give any judgement regarding any area of life, including marriage unfortunately, I dont do personal readings. Saturn placed anywhere will have intense effects between ages good or bad depending on placement, dignity or lordship. If saturn of saggitrus in 1st house aspecting 10th House of virgo-sun,is here also saturn give result profession,job after years,means saturn also delay aspecting house or only in which it sitting. No to both, astrology is not piecemeal you have to take a deeper dive in the understanding to get understand all the moving parts.

No rule s can be applied all across the board with every horoscope. Hi vs, Venus is in its own house 5th house and Saturn is in 8th house for gemini ascendant. What is the effect when Saturn aspects 5th house? Will it lead to failure of love or does it make a person more committed in a relationship? Will it effect progeny etc? Is it good or bad to have Saturn aspecting 5th house.

Hi vs, lord of 1st and 2nd houses in navamsha chart is Saturn and Saturn is placed together with sun in 4th house. Plz let me know the effect of Saturn as lagna lord. Hi vs, for a gemini ascendant, moon is in 10th house and it is lord of 2nd house. But as jupiter has Kendra adhipathi dosham, how does it effect career and marriage of gemini ascendant.

Does it cause obstacles in career and marriage. Plz throw some light on this topic.

Can Planets be Strong in Dusthana Houses?

All depends on placement, dignity, aspects on Jupiter. If they are good, results will be good if jupiter sits alone in 7th house for Gemini ascendant with no other planet or clear aspect, then it will destroy marriage due to bhaavo karak naashe, especially for females. I appreciate your insights which appear to be your depth of thought combined with your research. If planets are exalted, or in own houses and vargottam, but in Dusthanas at least some in rashi and others in D9 , then what is to be expected e.

Also, is there any strength to vargottam positions when looking at D1 and D10, or is it primarily restricted to the D9? Thanks again. A planet well placed in D1 and virgottam in D9 but in a dusthana in D9 loses some potency but still remains good if a planet is placed in a poor situation in D1, then any divisional including D9 can not rectify it. Perhaps at best, just make it slightly less worse. Your opinion above indicates this to be untrue.. Navamsa represents a deeper color of each planet and hence does show the potential of the planets to some extent. This does tend to show a bit later in life in general.

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Typically the 2nd half of life is what it means. Guru in lagna in retrograde.


Is is correct to ware? Hi VS, 1. For Libra ascendant, does this rule apply to Venus Lord of 8th…. Is foreign education and settlement possible in this case? Thanks and GOD bless.

How To Read The Vedic Chart

What if Sun is a functional benefic for the lagna and owns a kendra but placed in 8th? Sun in 8th is generally not good for the father of the individual. Hello sir, I have cancer ascendant with debilitated sun in 4th house aspecting the 10th house which has moon in it. I want to know what effect will it give to my career whether I will be able to get good job in private or government department. Kindly reply. Sir, if mars in 4th house of pisces aspecting sun virgo in 10th house ,is it good aspecting on sun as mars is functional benefic but aspcting enemy Sign virgo for career purpose, if both planes are alone and no other planet is aspecting.

I have Virgo ascendent …. My sun,moon and mercury is in 12th house in leo…. It is combination of 10,11,12,1st Lord…. Is it possible??


I like loneliness….. However as per your description, foreign settlement is highly likely as well as yearning for solitude. Sri VS: Kindly excuse me for answering the moksha part from a spiritual angle alone. Mitali, I am a seeker myself. In B-Geeta read the charama sloka. Note the Ek part. Find out what sharanam means. I am from the Ramanuja Sri Vaishnav sampradhaya.

Generally you can wear in case 2 if the planet is Jupiter, venus or mercury and not otherwise. You are doing a great service by answering these queries.

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I have searched a lot on google but so far only you- are responding to queries. God Bless you.. I have folowing query: What if a planet is a lord of 6th and 9th and sitting in 8th house. For Capricorn Lagna, Mercury lord of 6th and 9th house is in 8th house leo. What would you recommend? If in a dusthana, a stone is almost never recommended barring some exceptions only charity related to the planet and the bhav can be recommended. I completely agree with you; There are not many VSs around. I feel guilty but VS keeps getting back!

Is vargottam is good in case of enemy sign,exmp-jupiter of tauras? Now Jupiter is in 5th rashi and bhaav.